This series of cabins intends to draw city-dwellers back to nature, providing three unique cabin types that each focus on one aspect of the earth.





Timeline: 2017

Location: TBD

Status: In design


Three groups of cabins are centered around the "Home", which is unique and made for large gatherings. Each group is made up of multiple cabins sharing the same design. Cabins can be rented out as groups or as individuals, allowing for different types of visitors.


Each of the three cabin types are about a single element: sky, land, and water. The design of each cabin helps visitors experience the sky, land, and water in a unique way.


The Sky cabins focus on the sky above. The volume is more vertical than horizontal; a giant hammock occupies the extra space above and large skylights bring in plenty of natural light.


The Land cabins are pushed down into the landscape, making them feel as though they are part of the earth. The roof is a great place to hang out and enjoy the view.


The Water cabins are all about the sauna, making for a great place to stay in the winter.